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Mango Update Bing Vision

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Microsoft unveiled Mango today, and it was yummy! In addition to yesterday’s post about Mango, we want to add some details about an important feature: Bing Vision. Directing the phone’s camera at visual codes (bar, QR, etc.), book, DVD, album covers, posters, etc. users can see results in a flash – no need to take… Read more »

Silverlight TV – Windows Phone Tips

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Ever wonder how a list of images loads and scrolls in your Windows Phone application? Our Director of UX technology, Jobi Joy, joins John Papa on Silverlight TV to discuss how to handle image scenarios, as wells as how he gains extra performance in his applications. Jobi also has a blog post that explains exactly… Read more »

Greetings from Tuesday Night at #MIX11

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#ms_mix_v Greetings from day one at MIX11! Of course, it’s technically day two, but in Vegas, Midnight is still yesterday. Today’s running theme was solidly around the idea of native experiences, regardless of the development platform.  There is a lot of discussion around the impact that multiple browsers will have on the native experience. There… Read more »

Optimizing Windows Phone 7 Applications by Reusing Visuals

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Our Director of UX Technology, Jobi Joy is one of the top developers of showcase Windows Phone 7 software applications in the world.  Jobi is tireless in his pursuit of optimized performance without compromising the visual design or user experience of the software he develops for IdentityMine. He recently blogged about Windows Phone 7 application… Read more »

IdentityMine's Application Easily Updated by @yochayk

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On the eve of the Windows 7 release, IdentityMine developed a Memory-like flashcard application for Microsoft using WPF.  This multi-touch experience featured three different game-play  modes, as well as an admin tool with the option for users to personalize the application with custom photos and text. The game allowed users to make a flashcard deck… Read more »

IdentityMine Paves the Way for the Future of Retail at #NRF

| Tags: Devin Jordan, Mobile, Retail

This year at NRF, Identitymine demonstrated how retailers can integrate mobile, cloud, touch, and gesture-technologies to enhance the User Experience in a retail space. Retail kiosks of the past only offered a one way information path to the customer, whereas now customers can input their preferences and receive customized feedback, completing the user experience cycle…. Read more »

IdentityMine Demonstrates Advances in Retail Technology at National Retailers Conference #NRF

| Tags: Mobile, Press Release, Silverlight, Windows Phone 7, WPF

Integrating spectrum of Microsoft technologies using Windows Phone 7, Tablet PC, and Digital Signage Seattle, WA—December 20, 2010—Today, IdentityMine, Inc., an emerging leader in application and software development for rich digital interactive user experiences, announced that it has developed two interactive demos designed to help retailers with cost-cutting and client retention. Retailers will learn how… Read more »

Increasing Touch Surface

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@lbugnion offers keen insights into development for touch surfaces, including optimal screen size, using transparent backgrounds, and negative margins.  Check it out at his blog here! Excerpt: Remember to maximize the touch surface for your controls. Plan your design in consequence by reserving enough room around each control to allow their hit surface to be expanded… Read more »