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Windows 8 Tablet – First Impressions of Samsung's 700t

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The IdentityMine team recently returned from Microsoft’s Build conference in Anaheim, CA with a few goodies. As some of you may have heard, all Build attendees received the developer version of Microsoft’s Windows 8 Samsung tablet – we were lucky enough to bring back a few of the 5000 handed out. First off, lets get… Read more »

Windows 8 Compatibility With Mobile Devices

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The IM team is just back from an exciting week at the Microsoft Build Conference where early details about Windows 8 were revealed to the developer community.  We are thrilled with much that we heard there, particularly about Windows 8 compatibility with mobile devices. The news is good and we are pretty excited to see… Read more »

Windows 8 to Allow Phone Calls?

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It seems like Windows 8 will allow phone calls on tablets – judging by the screen shot below. Though it is still unclear how this will be possible, the acquisition of Skype may have something to do with it. This is all purely speculation, as it may just turn out to be a reminder to… Read more »

Microsoft BUILD Conference Day 2 Keynote

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It’s day 2 of Microsoft’s BUILD conference, and it’s going to be all about Server and tools. Today’s keynote speakers are going to be Satya Nadella, the President of Microsoft’s Server and Tools Business unit, and Jason Zander, Corporate Vice President of Visual Studio.   Watch it live HERE

Windows 8 and the Future of Silverlight

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IdentityMine drives innovation and passion for technology; as a Premier/Strategic partner to Microsoft; we were among the first to develop for Windows 7, Windows Phone 7, Kinect, and Surface. It is an exciting time for developers and Microsoft as it prepares to move to a new Operating System (OS) with Windows 8. Why is it… Read more »

Why Windows 8 Will Change Business

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If you love the Windows Phone user experience, then you are going to love Windows 8. The future of tablet PCs is bright, and being at the forefront of touch and gesture-based technologies allows us to create more powerful consumer and enterprise applications. IdentityMine is excited for the release of the Windows 8 tablets (to… Read more »