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Virtual Tour of Nissan Pathfinder Using Kinect for Windows

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Today Nissan North America changed the way consumers interact with cars in dealership showrooms. IdentityMine and digital agency Critical Mass celebrate the launch of the fully immersive Nissan Pathfinder Experience, utilizing Kinect for Windows. Originally, Kinect was used to enhance the Xbox 360 gaming system; now Kinect can be applied to a variety of consumer… Read more »

Greetings from #DSE2011!

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Our man on the street, Kurt Brockett has been in Vegas for the 2011 Digital Signage Expo.  He’ll have a full report in the coming week, but in the meantime we figured we would share some of the highlights.

IdentityMine Paves the Way for the Future of Retail at #NRF

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This year at NRF, Identitymine demonstrated how retailers can integrate mobile, cloud, touch, and gesture-technologies to enhance the User Experience in a retail space. Retail kiosks of the past only offered a one way information path to the customer, whereas now customers can input their preferences and receive customized feedback, completing the user experience cycle…. Read more »

IdentityMine Demonstrates the Future of Retail Shopping at National Retailers Conference #NRF

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Imagine a shopping experience in which customers locate and select products on touchscreens at an interactive station, download product information on their mobile device, locate items in-store, and then use their mobile device to check out. Conference attendees can see demos developed by IdentityMine that integrate technologies including multi-touch interactive displays, way-finding kiosks, mobile devices and slate devices – at Microsoft Booth #836, Escalate Booth #637, NCR Booth #1902/1903 and Ominvex Booth #2753.

IdentityMine Demonstrates Advances in Retail Technology at National Retailers Conference #NRF

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Integrating spectrum of Microsoft technologies using Windows Phone 7, Tablet PC, and Digital Signage Seattle, WA—December 20, 2010—Today, IdentityMine, Inc., an emerging leader in application and software development for rich digital interactive user experiences, announced that it has developed two interactive demos designed to help retailers with cost-cutting and client retention. Retailers will learn how… Read more »